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Group 5 members: Jessica Krill, Julia Wiswell, Haley Holmes, Tracy Treece, Jeffrey Lambert

Group 5 Project

Graphic design needs

  • bookmark idea sent to Mike on Sept 9, Haley in cc, Mike asked follow up on Sept 10, Mike sent draft on September 17, Haley sent thoughts back on September 18. Mike sent new color schemes on 9/29. Haley needs to complete text and send back.


1. Privacy Training/Info for the Public(classes, events, flyers, displays)-Julia & Jeff

2. Privacy Training/Info for Staff- Haley & Julia

3. Privacy Policies- Jessica & Tracy


1. Privacy Training/Info for the Public - JW

  • Young Adult
    • Fun activity tied in to current culture/interests (ex.: Minecraft, makeup, social media, etc.)
    • Social media campaign
  • Adult
    • Develop narrowed down list of resources so as not to overwhelm attendees
  • All Ages
    • Create a password (diceware)
  • Passive Program?

2. Privacy Training/Info for Staff - JW

  • Series of short trainings that can be rolled into bigger meetings (ex: adult services meeting)
    • Quick tips or examples of patron interactions
  • One large training for more in-depth work
  • Provide take home materials for staff
  • Example of program(s)

3. Privacy Policy - JK&TT

  • Online privacy policy project:
    • Plan to create an updated online privacy policy for a large urban public library system based on LAPL's current boilerplate policy and other examples.
    • Special attention given to addressing third party vendors
    • Privacy FAQ for customers


  • September 13: workshop outline completed for public-facing trainings
  • September 13: draft of policy/staff training
  • September 27: Public workshop drafts ready for group to give feedback on materials
  • September 27: Group providing feedback on materials, group members integrating changes
  • October 11: Public-facing workshop materials wrapped and ready for implementation
  • October 25: Working with Alison to have materials hosted on Web site. Workshop descriptions, titles, documentation, etc.