LFI Course Materials/Week 15: The lifecycle of your librarys data

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Week 15: The lifecycle of your library's data[edit]

  • Real time lecture: August 30th 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern


Libraries have a complicated relationship with data and privacy. Libraries value privacy, but we also have a lot of data that could potentially harm our patrons if this data is leaked or breached. A number of libraries are not aware of what data is being collected, stored, or shared with others by the systems and staff that run the library. Libraries can’t not collect data in a data-driven society where data is essential for the survival of an institution. What’s a library to do? In this week’s lecture, we will explore the ways libraries can better protect patron privacy at every stage of the data lifecyle. From collection and storage, to access, reporting, and deletion, we will identify potential risks at each stage, as well as strategies to get people started in mitigating those privacy risks.


Guest lecturer[edit]

Becky Yoose, LDH Consulting Services


Open discussion


  • Discussion forum, small group work, weekly final project checkins with Alison, and roadmap completion on wiki