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Our name is "Librarians for Librarians," and our focus is staff training.

Group members: Grace Riario, Carolyn Bennett Glauda, Patricia B. Ball, Megan Shanholtz, Bel Outwater

Graphic design: Carolyn submitted LFP/LFI flyer idea to Mike, Mike sent back draft on 9/29. Alison and Carolyn will work on text.

Notes from 6/17/2019

Themed trainings[edit]

A. Privacy Pirates

 1. Probably for kids/ schools?
 2. Pirate themed; how to avoid privacy pirates

B. Private Eyes (?)

 1. 2-parter: start with a training on online searching skills ie “learn to be a private eye”; when people are thoroughly freaked out by how much is available online, offer a 2nd course on privacy-- “keep your skeletons buried”
 2. Good for mystery fans!!! -> probably tailored towards adults but would also work for teens. 

Staff trainings[edit]

A. Privacy Basics: how basic do we want to make basic?

B. Intermediate Privacy Info

C. Advanced: how advanced? Can we get that done by the end of the course?

D. Security tools and tricks; emergency plan in case of cyber breach

For the public[edit]

A. Privacy basics

 1. Social media -> settings, apps, posts, everything
 2. Data collection
 3.  What to do in case of a data breach???
 4.  Open source options?

How to get library admin on board with privacy & security topics[edit]

A. Get them the information, ie. explain why it’s important and how it pertains to the basic library values

B. Offer them the trainings-> they won’t be starting at ground zero and feeling overwhelmed

C. Tie it in with the value to patrons -> don’t have concrete examples yet, but can borrow from other librarians and add/replace when we’ve used our trainings (?)

This is a place for Group 3 to get started! Let's come up with a new name and start brainstorming roles and tasks!

Possible Names:

  • A Consortium of Consortia
  • ******
  • The Directors Assemblage

Thanks, Group 6, for the copy/paste that got us started...

Some thoughts on potential projects:

-Large scale presentations (for conferences/consortium trainings, etc) <---I have an idea for this that I'm going to post on the discussion page - CBG

-Staff training

-Workshops for the public

-Privacy policies (?)

Please feel free to add or subtract from the listing! -MS

Privacy & Security for Public Libraries presentation[edit]

Presented in October 2019 for the West Virginia Library Association Annual Conference. CC BY-SA 4.0 license for usage

Link List[edit]

Library Freedom Project:

Electronic Frontier Foundation (Surveillance Self Defense):

Electronic Frontier Foundation (Security Education Companion):

ALA Privacy Toolkit:

ALA Privacy Resources:

Data Detox Kit:

Electronic Frontier Foundation (How to Assess a Vendor’s Data Security):

LFI lectures:

Consumer Reports Guide to Digital Security & Privacy:

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

Stay Safe Online:

Choose Privacy Week:

Glossary of Privacy Terms:

Privacy Tools:

LFI Privacy Resources:

Tools to Protect User Privacy: