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Group 5 Project
Group 5 Project
''' Graphic design needs '''
* bookmark idea sent to Mike on Sept 9, Haley in cc

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Group 5 members: Jessica Krill, Julia Wiswell, Haley Holmes, Tracy Treece, Jeffrey Lambert

Group 5 Project

Graphic design needs

  • bookmark idea sent to Mike on Sept 9, Haley in cc


1. Privacy Training/Info for the Public(classes, events, flyers, displays)-Julia & Jeff

2. Privacy Training/Info for Staff- Haley & Julia

3. Privacy Policies- Jessica & Tracy


1. Privacy Training/Info for the Public - JW

  • Young Adult
    • Fun activity tied in to current culture/interests (ex.: Minecraft, makeup, social media, etc.)
    • Social media campaign
  • Adult
    • Develop narrowed down list of resources so as not to overwhelm attendees
  • All Ages
    • Create a password (diceware)
  • Passive Program?

2. Privacy Training/Info for Staff - JW

  • Series of short trainings that can be rolled into bigger meetings (ex: adult services meeting)
    • Quick tips or examples of patron interactions
  • One large training for more in-depth work
  • Provide take home materials for staff
  • Example of program(s)

3. Privacy Policy - JK&TT

  • Online privacy policy project:
    • Plan to create an updated online privacy policy for a large urban public library system based on LAPL's current boilerplate policy and other examples.
    • Special attention given to addressing third party vendors
    • Privacy FAQ for customers


  • September 13: workshop outline completed for public-facing trainings
  • September 13: draft of policy/staff training
  • September 27: Public workshop drafts ready for group to give feedback on materials
  • September 27: Group providing feedback on materials, group members integrating changes
  • October 11: Public-facing workshop materials wrapped and ready for implementation
  • October 25: Working with Alison to have materials hosted on Web site. Workshop descriptions, titles, documentation, etc.