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Week 22: Mobile security[edit]

  • Real time lecture: October 18th 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern


Mobile devices are not only ubiquitous, they’ve become the primary way of accessing the internet and communicating for the majority of internet users worldwide. However, they pose unique threats to privacy due to their fundamental design. This week, Harlo Holmes joins us to talk about mobile device privacy, why it’s hard to achieve, and what apps exist to help protect privacy on mobile. Harlo Holmes, Director of Newsroom Digital Security at Freedom of the Press Foundation, will talk to us this week about making our mobile communications more secure.


No readings this week.

Guest lecturer[edit]

Harlo Holmes is the Director of Newsroom Digital Security at Freedom of the Press Foundation. She strives to help individual journalists in various media organizations become confident and effective in securing their communications within their newsrooms, with their sources, and with the public at large. She is a media scholar, software programmer, and activist; and contributes regularly to the open source mobile security collective The Guardian Project.


  • What are some of the unique challenges to privacy on mobile devices?
  • What are three steps someone could take to better secure their mobile device?


  • Discussion forum and final projects. Start prepping for final project one minute presentations during our last class.