LFI Course Materials/Week 4: Privacy tools

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Week 4: Privacy tools

  • Real time lecture: June 14th 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern


This week we'll continue what we started in week 2. Alison will lead us through a discussion on various privacy tools that solve different problems, and will discuss the threat models that might find each tool relevant, as well as the amount of friction and technical difficulty that users often experience with each tool. Those in the cohort who are already teaching privacy are invited to talk about their experiences with these tools, as well as their preferred privacy tools that aren't covered in the lecture.

Learning objectives

  • Learn about some of the top privacy tools and how they can be incorporated into library instruction


  • Browse through Tactical Technology Collective's Data Detox Kit: https://datadetox.myshadow.org/en/home
  • Browse through EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense: ssd.eff.org
  • Browse through EFF's Security Education Companion: sec.eff.org

Guest lecturer

No guest lecturer; Alison will lead the discussion


  • Which of these tools were you already using or familiar with?
  • What was new?
  • How might you incorporate these tools into library instruction?


  • Lecture, readings, discussion forum, and small group work
  • [Optional] complete another day of the Data Detox Kit
  • If you haven't yet, schedule time with Alison to talk about small group assignments