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LFP's Crash Courses

LFP's Crash Courses are free, privacy-focused two-month trainings for librarians to learn how to become privacy champions in their libraries.

Crash Course 1: Systems & Policies

In this Crash Course, we're focusing on privacy in library infrastructure. Topics will include: creating good privacy and data governance policies, conducting privacy audits, working with library IT, understanding vendor agreements from a privacy perspective, and more. It'll cover some technical stuff, but it's intended for library workers without a formal technical background or role.

March-May 2022 (previously held May-July 2021)

Crash Course 2: Programs & Training

In this Crash Course, we're learning how to teach privacy to patrons, fellow staff, and other stakeholders. We'll cover some of the broader privacy landscape out in the world -- things like consumer technologies, police surveillance, artificial intelligence -- and discuss how the loss of privacy affects our communities. We'll learn how to run effective and interesting privacy programs for various audiences.

October - November 2022 (previously held October-December 2021)