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Week 6: Anti-doxxing, harassment of marginalized communities, intimate partner privacy[edit]


This week, we start digging deeper into specific threat models and the strategies and tools that can support people in these situations. We begin with covering doxxing (or doxing) and online harassment, common tactics used to terrorize people through the publishing and abuse of their personal information online. Doxxing has been used frequently by members of the far-right against Black, Brown, trans and queer academics and activists. We'll talk about how and why doxxing happens, preventative practices, and emergency protocols for people experiencing this type of threat *right now*. We'll also cover some of the privacy needs of people facing abusive intimate relationships, and the specific tactics of stalkers and abusers using surveillance to intimidate their victims. In both of these situations, privacy is a way to support physical and emotional safety. We will also welcome LFP member Leigh Ann Hamel to discuss their anti-doxxing support work.



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