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LFP Crash Course: Systems and Policies

General course information and resources

Schedule and curriculum

Schedule overview
Week Dates Real time lecture Topic Lecturer
1 May 9 week Introduction to this course and foundational reading Alison
2 May 16 week Threat modeling and beginning to communicate about privacy Alison
3 May 23 week Making good privacy/data governance policies, more privacy language, and best practices Alison
4 May 30 week Vendors and privacy, political advocacy around vendors, some of the history here
5 June 6 week Working with IT to protect patron privacy, cybersecurity basics

Understanding some of the IT environments possible, talking points for different things people say, things IT people typically bring up

6 June 13 week Public computer environments/tech 101, How do deal with CIPA and similar requirements, how to communicate about this stuff to patrons
7 June 20 week Privacy audits of your library, How to make this into a sustainable practice, Assessment tools, What to do year after year, How to stay up to date, its a constantly moving target Alison
8 June 27 week closing talk and presentations
Weekly curriculum
Week 1: Introduction to LFI and each other
Week 2: Foundational reading
Week 3: Threat modeling and privacy basics
LFI weekend! Remote on Zoom, see link
Week 4: Privacy rights and philosophy
Week 5: Privacy for online work/learning/social environments
Week 6: Vendors and data governance policies
Week 7: Communicating about privacy with stakeholders
Week 8: The global power of "tech" companies