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Vendors and privacy, political advocacy around vendors, some of the history here

collection of vendor policies saved in docs

Week 6: Vendors and data governance policies


While librarians have always considered privacy among our most sacred core values, our in-library practices leave a lot to be desired. Recent privacy issues with vendors like Kanopy,, and Gale Analytics have brought to light the abysmal privacy practices of library vendors. And while it's easy to criticize these outside parties, our internal privacy policies could also use a lot of work.

This week, we'll hear from four Library Freedom Privacy Advocates about their work on vendor privacy and internal privacy polices. Qiana Johnson and Nicole Becwar from cohort two will discuss how vendors measured up against the privacy prompts in their vendor scorecard (see readings). Then Jessica Krill and Tracy Treece (also cohort two) will discuss how they created their privacy policy template (see readings) and how librarians can put it into place.


Guest lecturer

  • Qiana Johnson is the Interim Associate University Librarian for Collections Strategies at Northwestern University Libraries and a graduate of LFI cohort two.
  • Nicole Becwar is the Technical Services Librarian & Archivist at Western Colorado University and a graduate of LFI cohort two.
  • Jessica Krill is an Assistant Professor / Arts & Humanities Librarian at Central Washington University and a graduate of LFI cohort two.
  • Tracy Treece is the Digital Inclusion Manager at the Denver Public Library and a graduate of LFI cohort two.




  • Lecture, readings, discussion forum
  • Schedule final project checkin with Alison