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Week 10: Closing talk and presentations[edit]


It's our last week together!! But things don't have to be over. We'll close out this crash course by talking about some of the ways to stay involved with LFP -- some more detail about what LFP members are up to, as well as information about the next crash course in October. We'll also hear from each person about what they're taking away from the course. What's one small takeaway and one big takeaway? What are you doing differently now, or what are you planning to do? If you're working on a final project, you can share about that during this time. Each person will share for 2-3 minutes, and we'll have plenty of time to ask each other questions or give feedback.


No readings; be ready to share your closing thoughts on the course for about 2-3 minutes.


If you want to continue being involved with LFP, let Alison know if you want to be on the listserv, part of the next crash course, or something else.