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This is a page for ideas for future LFP things, big and small. We're collecting them here for the day when we get to work on them.

LFP governance[edit]

  • Endorsements policy for library org offices -- what does it mean for LFP to endorse a candidate? Do we want to think about endorsing slates, for eg ALA divisions, in the future?
  • System for endorsing candidates who are part of LFP
  • Turning LFP into a non-profit cooperative
  • Committees or caucuses focused on different issues
  • LFP constitution
  • LFP strategic plan (2025 is ten years of LFP, might make that the end goal)
  • LFP BIPOC committee
  • LFP LGBTQ committee
  • Social media team
  • Legal support
  • Expand LFP board
  • Finish mission and core values doc

Funding ideas[edit]

  • MacArthur


  • Police data project
  • Academic surveillance project/educational resources
  • Resources on surveillance tech for abolitionists: explaining eg ring cameras, palantir, face recognition, cops and social media, fusion centers

Website, wiki, and resources[edit]

  • Update LFP explainer with cohort 3 and 4 info
  • More resources, sift through stuff on wiki and add to website
  • LFP about page on website
  • LFP media page on website
  • Create address
  • Past and current projects on website
  • LFP announcement list
  • LFP newsletter `
  • Events calendar on website

Ongoing LFP Training[edit]

  • Internal LFP training each other on topics to keep skills up and share new expertise.

Book Club Titles[edit]

Other stuff[edit]

  • More swag: LFI tshirts for cohort 3 and 4 and any other cohort members who didn't get one, new sticker designs, hoodies
  • Nextcloud account
  • Fix/update Wikipedia page (Alison's and LFP)
  • LFP newsletter and listserv for the broader community
  • Volunteer manager, volunteer tasks, volunteer intake mechanism. We get volunteer requests like all the time and it's hard for me (Alison) to manage it so I mostly say no!
  • Spreadsheet of journalists we've worked with
  • LFP open house