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Agenda draft

Day Time Agenda item Facilitator
Friday All day Arrivals - check in to rooms, get name badges, snacks and drinks to kitchens
Friday Mid-afternoon Some kind of social activity like an easy group hike, or multiple options
Friday 6 pm Dinner
Friday After dinner Teen meme gallery show Maty
Day Time Agenda item Facilitator
Saturday 8 am Breakfast
Saturday 9:00 am Opening grounding session Chinyere
Saturday 10:00 am 15 minute break
Saturday 10:15 am Introductions, icebreaker activity with prompts, goal and intention setting, community agreements, session ideas for the day. We will each share what we want to discuss over the weekend, and what we want to do over the weekend, and will use that to make the unconference schedule. Alison
Saturday 12 pm Lunch
Saturday 1 pm Mid-day plenary - Group share about our work, successes/challenges/questions
Saturday 2 pm Unconference tracks
Saturday 3 pm Unconference tracks
Saturday 4 pm Unconference tracks
Saturday 5 pm Closing session/reflections/pair and share activity
Saturday 6 pm Dinner
Saturday After dinner Party :)
Day Time Agenda item Facilitator
Sunday 8 am Breakfast
Sunday 9:30 am Opening plenary -- another icebreaker activity, break, then hopes/dreams/five year planning, big goals, future of the org

Sunday 11 am Unconference tracks

Sunday 12 pm Lunch
Sunday 1 pm Unconference tracks
Sunday 2 pm Closing session - reflections and roadmapping
Sunday 3 pm Free time
Sunday All afternoon/evening Departures
Unconference stations

Add ideas for unconference times here in their appropriate station. Facilitators are responsible for getting sessions in each station.

  • Advocacy: facilitator
    • Panel about advocacy at your library
    • Outreach in practice: Maty
    • Networking with other advocacy and activist groups, including those in the library world
    • How to run a meeting, including building community agreements and consensus
    • (tentative) Op-Ed Writing Workshop (preferably by a facilitator which addresses how to construct an Op-Ed piece; how to craft a pitch to get the attention of press for publication; how to deconstruct & confront arguments from opposing side in order to strengthen your persuasive piece): Andrea Puglisi
    • Some sort of overview about privacy laws and how to find them both federal/state?: Alex Bernson
    • Dealing with book challenges, anti-maskers, 1A auditors, and other reactionaries in the library: Alison and others
    • Advocacy priorities & materials for distribution to professional organizations (ALA/PLA/state & regional associations/multi-type library cooperatives) and events
  • Technology: facilitator
    • Critical technology/data studies chat: Callan
  • LFP organization and culture: facilitator
    • Future of the org, big goals: Alison
    • New IMLS grant planning: regional hubs: Alison
    • Mellon funding planning: Alison
    • LFP members applying to future IMLS rounds: Alison
  • Programs and training: facilitator
    • Connecting big issues of the moment to surveillance and privacy
    • Programming for reproductive access security
    • What's New in Health Privacy: Tess Wilson
    • Zine making: Ayoola and Lena
    • Examples/ templates for hosting privacy/security public facing
    • How to tie in to other library programming adjunct to LFP initiatives/privacy/security- maybe Computer Literacy, Health Literacy, Media Literacy, Financial Literacy
    • Childrens/teen services ideas
  • Policies and vendors: facilitator
  • Health and well-being
    • Burnout, vocational awe, and choosing your battles
    • Healing session (Alison is looking into a facilitator for this)
    • Disability justice -- life and work accommodations and hacks
Track Day Time Agenda item Facilitator