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Main building: Labadorf
  • 16 rooms of four, one room of eight, one room of seven, two rooms of three (85 beds, 20 rooms)
  • One side has gender neutral communal bathrooms and one totally private bathroom
  • Other side has gender segregated bathrooms (which we are allowed to use as we wish) and a kitchenette
  • The kitchen and dining area is in this building
Labadorf rooms solo
  • Howard
  • James Neal
  • Tracy
  • Qiana
  • Marisol
  • Marisa
  • Maria
  • James Watson
  • Eliza
  • Asako
  • [Camille]
Small shared rooms in Labadorf
  • Frans, Mack, TJ, Wren, Frank
  • Hebah, Pat, Doyun, Eva, Chinyere
  • Ayoola and Lena
  • Josh and Sara
  • Rebecca and Anna
  • Adi, Ari, Claire, Ariel
  • Megan K, Abby, [Sonnet], [Nicole W]
  • Maty, Chris Strunk, [Deborah]
  • Dormitory style rooms
  • Two wings, 18 beds per wing (36 total)
  • Gendered communal restrooms in each wing (we can use as we wish)
  • Kitchen
Franklin dorm one
  • Alison, Reanna, Meghan M, Leigh Ann, Andrea, Athy, Callan, Linda, Lawrence, Sam Lee, Tess, Miranda, [Kim B]
Franklin dorm two
  • Chloe, Ellie, Jen W, Kelly, Laura, Megan S, Ash, Michelle B, Nikki, Sam H, Amy D, [Sadie]