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List things you will bring to share

  • Things needed
    • Diet coke
    • Extra bedding and towels (personal choice -- they supply us with linens but they're camp quality)
    • Snacks of all kinds, keeping in mind we have lots of vegans, gluten-free, low FODMAP, and low sodium needs. Some healthy choices along with not-healthy choices please. :)
    • Wine/beer/and weed is legal in NJ, but we have to be discreet about these things since it's a summer camp
  • Alison
    • bluetooth speaker
    • plain seltzer
    • sunscreen and bug spray
    • ice coffee and half n half
  • Frank
    • (I will probably continue to add to this as I think of things)
    • S'Mores supplies! (Absolutely essential)
    • Snacks (I'm a big fan of having lots of snacks for foraging through the day)
    • Tea!
    • Board games

  • Marisa
    • Board games
    • Sodastream and soda syrups
    • DIY sunscreen and bug repellent
    • Some way of playing music portably

  • Callan
    • Definitely some kind of sound system
    • Good beers from Treehouse since it's on the way
    • Weird s'mores ingredients/toppings
    • Pancake mix and griddle - seems fun?

  • Ayoola and Lena
    • Picnic Blanket
    • Vegan + Gluten Free S'Mores supplies
    • Snacks
    • Zine-making materials

  • Amy D
    • Homemade salsa
    • Sunblock
    • Beer and other

  • Maty C
    • basketball
    • snacks
    • Coffee
    • cd boombox
  • Claire
    • button maker and supplies (small buttons)
    • sunscreen & bug spray
    • any last-minute stuff you need me to pick up

Pat Ball Assortment of teas (I'm on plane so can't bring much through airport)