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2021 LFI cohorts 3 and 4 meeting

Please read and abide by our community documents

Participant Guidelines/community agreements (decide together)

Code of Conduct

Weekend at a glance

August 6 August 7 August 8

Agenda and ideas

[Philly/agenda and ideas brainstorm -- what to do together]




Event venue Accommodations Group dinner

Things to know before your arrival in Philly

Transit from airport Transit locally (incl bikes) Safety Weather local resources things to do food vegan/veg/halal/other dietary foods other sightseeing stuff and ideas for people who are staying for a few days


A note about name tags: Pronouns optional; Even if you think yours are obvious, please consider displaying them anyway to help us create a more welcoming environment, especially for those of us for whom strangers often assume incorrect pronouns. Also, we'll have plenty of blank name tags at the event, in case of changes or misprints. name tags will have a note about photo taking

Name Pronouns Location Cohort Attending group dinner?
Alison she/her Philly
Ideas for outings/things to do together

alison todo -nametags -lanyards -swag stockup