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Committees and appointments

ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee Privacy Subcommittee - T.J. Lamanna

ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee Working Group On Facial Recognition - T.J. Lamanna, Alison Macrina, Maty Cropley

Boston Public Library Professional Staff Assoc. (Vice-President) - Maty Cropley

Connecticut Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee (Chair) - Sam Lee

Georgia Library Association - Intellectual Freedom Committee - Bel Outwater, John Mack Freeman (chair)

IFLA Committee on Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) - Jonathan Hernandez Perez

Iowa Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee (chair) - Sam Helmick

Library Association of CUNY - Privacy Roundtable - (Chair) Junior Tidal

Maryland Library Association - Intellectual Freedom Panel (Chair) - Sara Brown

Massachusetts Library Association - Andrea Puglisi (Executive Board Member, Public Relations Co-Chair)

New England Library Association - Andrea Puglisi (Intellectual Freedom Co-Chair)

New Hampshire Library Association - Leigh Ann Hamel (Intellectual Freedom Chair)

Oregon Library Association - Intellectual Freedom Committee - Ellie Avis

Pennsylvania Library Association - Youth Services Division (Chair) - Tess Wilson

PLA Digital Literacy Committee - Jeff Lambert

PLA - Public Libraries Advisory Committee (Member) - Tess Wilson

Privacy, Security, and Accessibility Committee (Marmot Library Network) - Nicole Becwar (Chair)

Tennessee Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee (Co-Chair) - Bryan Neil Jones

YALSA - Midwinter Marketing and Local Arrangements Taskforce (Chair) - Tess Wilson




Callan Bignoli - Troublesome Tech Trends - ALA Midwinter, CORE Top Tech Trends

John Mack Freeman - Deepfakes and the Evolving Disinformation Landscape - ALA Midwinter, CORE Top Tech Trends


Callan Bignoli - Troublesome Tech Trends - New England Library Association Information Technology Section Event

Leigh Ann Hamel - Online Privacy Without Tears - A Train the Trainer Workshop, February 18th, 2021, for the Paralibrarian Section of the New Hampshire Library Association

Maty Cropley-- "Privacy is Personal Agency", February 9th, 2021: Boston Public Library Teen Services Meeting.


Sara Brown -- What is the privacy divide? March 24, 2021, Maryland Library Association.

John Mack Freeman -- Privacy Tools for Library Users. March 18, 2021, Georgia Library Association Intellectual Freedom Interest Group

Michele Alaniz & Megan Kinney -- Digital Privacy. March 2, 2021, City College of San Francisco Flex Day

Alison Macrina -- How Librarians Can Protect Privacy in the Age of Big Data, March 24, 2021, Princeton University


Kelly McElroy -- Protecting Academic Freedom in the Managed University, April 23, 2021, University of Washington Association of American University Professors Alison Macrina -- talk for Progressive Librarians Guild, student chapter, April 26, 2021, University of Minnesota


Callan Bignoli - EdTech and the Surveillance State: Looking at Student Privacy in Higher Education - Cal Poly Pomona Choose Privacy Week

Callan Bignoli & TJ Lamanna - Troublesome Tech Trends - Massachusetts Library Association Annual Conference

Chloe Horsma -- "Beyond Finstas: Thinking about Youth & Privacy", May 7, 2021, University of Washington iSchool Virtual iYouth Conference.

Sam Lee -- There's a Policy for That, May 13, 2021, CT Library Association Conference


Callan Bignoli & TJ Lamanna - Practical Privacy for Library Advocates: Developing a Security Mindset in Uncertain Times - ALA Annual Conference (pre-recorded)

Maty Cropley -- All Staff Teen Services Conference, June 18th, 2021. Boston Public Library. (First all-staff conference on teen library services).

Alison Macrina -- Intellectual freedom and social justice, June 11, 2021, Florida Libraries Online conference

Alison Macrina -- Intellectual freedom and social justice, June 25, 2021, ALA Annual Conference

John Mack Freeman -- Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act: Definitions and Attempts at Reform, ALA Annual Conference Top Tech Trends (pre-recorded)


Michele Alaniz & Megan Kinney -- "Embracing Student Privacy on Library Platforms." July 9, 2021, 8th Annual Virtual LILi Conference Program - “What You Don’t Know & Are Afraid to Ask: Teaching Ourselves & Others”

Alison Macrina -- Privacy in the library: understanding the issues and working on practical strategies for change, July 19th, 2021, Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN) workshop


Maty Cropley -- Privacy Policy Workshop. August 16, 2021. Boston Public Library Teen Volunteer Program.

Sam Lee -- First Amendment "Audits," August 25, 2021, CH Booth Library, Newtown, CT


Andrea Puglisi, Jenn Bruneau, Leighann Hammel, Sam Helmick -- "Let’s Talk Intellectual Freedom & Social Justice", 1 September, 2021, New England Library Association Annual Conference.

Alison Macrina -- Intellectual freedom and social justice, September 9, 2021, Mount Prospect Public Library

John Mack Freeman -- Deepfakes, Synthetic Media, and You, September 22, 2021, Clive (IA) Public Library

Sam Lee -- Community Collaborative on Banned Books, September 16, 2021, CT Library Consortium

Sam Lee (Moderator) -- AI, Proctoring & Alternative Assessments, September 23, 2021, CT Education Network Quarterly Training


John Mack Freeman - Intellectual Freedom 101, October 28, 2021, Kennesaw State University Open Access Week

Sam Lee -- Intellectual Freedom 101, October 12, 2021, Black Caucus ALA (CT)

Megan Wong - It Shouldn't Be That Hard: An Everyday Privacy Tool for All Info Workers, Future of Libraries 2021: Caring, Engaged, and Equitable, October 6 & 7, 2021.



Kimberly Trinh-Sy -- "Privacy Advocates for Today's Libraries." January 14, 2020. Hennepin County Library, Social Justice in Libraries Meeting. Presentation for HCL staff.

Maty Cropley -- "Zuck's Song." January 9, 2020, Boston Public Library, Public Librarians Monthly Meeting. Evolution of Facebook data collection products since 2009.

Alison Macrina -- LITA Top Tech Trends Panel. ALA Midwinter Conference 2020.

Callan Bignoli -- "Troublesome Tech Trends: Libraries in the Age of Surveillance" (Keynote presentation, New England Association for Information Science & Technology Winter Conference @ Simmons College).


Alison Macrina -- Tor talk at Oodi Library, Helsinki, February 14, 2020.

Andrea Puglisi -- "What is Library Freedom Project?" Simmons College: GSLIS West, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, February 1, 2020

Qiana Johnson -- "Information Privacy," NISO Plus Conference, February 25, 2020

Maty Cropley, Northeastern Univ. UX Students -- "Teen Data Privacy Survey," Teen Central. February 12th and 26th.

Kelly McElroy -- "Harm Reduction for Digital Safety," Student Data Privacy Symposium, Oregon State University, Corvallis OR, February 28, 2020

Callan Bignoli -- "We’re All Tech Librarians Now" Public Library Association Conference.


Alison Macrina -- Code4Lib 2020 keynote. March 9, 2020.

Junior Tidal and Bryan Jones -- "Pi-hole Privacy: Tampering is a Good Thing." March 8, 2020. Code4Lib, Pittsburgh, PA. Half-day preconference session on basic privacy and using Pi-Hole at Code4Lib 2020.

Bryan Neil Jones -- "Privacy Quest: Write Your Own Story." March 12, 2020. Library Collective, Knoxville, TN

Maty Cropley -- "Library Freedom Project 101" March 10, 2020. Boston Public Library, Branch Librarians Meeting.

Maty Cropley -- "Surveillance and Community" March 12, 2020. Boston Public Library, Public Librarians Monthly Meeting.

Maty Cropley -- "Surveillance and Community" March 16, 2020. Boston Public Library, Teen Central Volunteer Program.

Qiana Johnson & Nicole Becwar -- "They’re Collecting What?: Reading Vendor Privacy Policies With an Eye to Privacy Concerns." March 10, 2020. Colorado State Library Webinar Series (Patron Data Protection).

Nicole Becwar -- similar presentation to "They’re Collecting What?" March 19, 2020. CLiC Spring Workshop, Grand Junction, CO.

Julia Wiswell & Megan Shanholtz -- "Public Libraries and Data Privacy Advocacy" March 17 - April 13, 2020. Infopeople Online Learning Course.

Claire Lobdell -- "Data Deletion Party" March 26, 2020. Greenfield Community College, workshop for privacy week. [Cancelled due to COVID-19]

Bryan Neil Jones -- "Privacy Tools" -- March 30, 2020. Vanderbilt University. Buchanan Library Fellowship Course.

Callan Bignoli -- "How Libraries Empower Communities With Innovation," SXSW Interactive. CANCELLED due to COVID-19.


Ellie Avis -- "Strategies for teaching online safety, security and privacy" panel. Net Inclusion 2020. Portland, OR. April 7-9

Ellie Avis, Kelly McElroy, & Sara White -- "Protecting Privacy In Technology Decisions" -- A full-day preconference session at Oregon Library Association conference. Bend, OR. April 28

Alison Macrina -- ARLIS panel, title and time TBD. April 24-26, 2020.

Alison Macrina -- CUNY Graduate Center talk on privacy, April 2nd 2020, 6 pm.

Alison Macrina -- Villanova University talk on privacy, April 30th, 2020.

Andrea Puglisi & Claire Lobdell -- "Technology, Security, and Privacy" table talk at Western MA Library Advocates IdeaShare Breakfast in Northampton, MA, April 30, 2020.

Maty Cropley -- "Facial Recognition Presentation Table," MA State House, Library Legislative Day. April 2, 2020.

Bryan Neil Jones -- "Privacy Quest: Pandemic Edition," League of Awesome Librarians. April 27, 2020.

Carolyn Bennett Glauda -- Educator Lab: Online Security and Privacy For Students. Highland, NY. April 29, 2020.

Callan Bignoli -- "Leading with Compassion during the COVID-19 Crisis" National Libraries of Medicine, April 22, 2020.


Oscar Gittemeier -- Privacy Is Such a Drag -- A drag performance during Choose Privacy Week to share information about facial recognition software and opposition strategies.

T.J. Lamanna and Callan Bignoli -- Troublesome Tech Trends -- Massachusetts Library Association Conference presentation on negatively disruptive tech trends. Rescheduled due to COVID-19

Sara Brown and Josh Stone -- Threat modeling (title TBD) -- Maryland/Delaware Library Association conference

Chad Clark and Qiana Johnson -- "Library Freedom Project: Manageable Privacy Practices for Your Patrons" -- Illinois Library Association Research Forward Conference, May 1, 2020

Bryan Neil Jones -- "COVID-19 Contact Tracing: An Overview" -- Maryland Library Association, May 7, 2020.

Bryan Neil Jones -- "Privacy Quest: Pandemic Edition" -- Indiana State Library, May 18, 2020.

Raymond Pun -- "Introducing Privacy Literacy in DIgital Learning." Coalition of Networked Information (CNI) Spring Virtual Membership Meeting. May 28, 2020.


Symphony Bruce, Junior Tidal, and Nicole Becwar -- "Confidentiality, Concealment, and Consortia: A Practical Panel Presentation on Preserving Patron Privacy." ALA Annual.

TJ Lamanna -- "Privacy Workshop Preconference." ALA Annual

Kimberly Trinh-Sy, Julia Wiswell, Bel Outwater -- "Privacy vs Convenience: The Online Battle for Your Information". ALA Annual.

Callan Bignoli & Alison Macrina -- "Libraries under a Pandemic: Counternarratives to Reopening and The Protect Library Workers Petition". Panel presentation, Connecticut State Library Social Justice Roundtable, June 9, 2020.

Callan Bignoli and TJ Lamanna -- "Troublesome Tech Trends: Bridging the Learning Divide, Library Information Technology Association [LITA], June 17, 2020.

Alison Macrina -- John Swan Intellectual Freedom keynote. Vermont Library Association. June 4, 2020.

Alison Macrina -- Top Tech Trends panel. ALA Annual conference, June 24, 2020.


Megan Kinney, Claire Lobdell, and Kelly McElroy-- "Harm Reduction & Threat Modeling for Library Instruction." Library Instruction West, Seattle, WA. [Cancelled due to COVID-19]

Callan Bignoli -- "Community at Work: LAM (Libraries, Archives, Museums) Mutual Aid & Solidarity". Panel presentation, AWEFund, July 14, 2020.


Maty Cropley -- "Never User the Internet Again" - BPL Teen Volunteers Activity, August 4th, 2020

Alison Macrina -- Mina Rees Conversation Series at CUNY (interview by Emily Drabinski) August 20, 2020

Alison Macrina -- keynote at Georgia Tech Symposium, August 27, 2020.


Callan Bignoli and TJ Lammana -- * "The Labor of Privacy", Urban Librarians Unite virtual conference, September 11, 2020.

Alison Macrina -- keynote at CALCON (Colorado Library Association Conference) September 12, 2020.


Oscar Gittemeier, Bel Outwater, and Pat Ball -- Library Freedom Institute: Georgia Libraries Conference presentation about our experience in LFI.

Maty Cropley & Jess Snow. "Outreach Services to Teens: Yes, You Can". Mass. Library System. Teen Summit 2020.

Alison Macrina. Equity panel, Future of Libraries. October 8, 2020.

Tess Wilson. Libraries in the New Normal. Future of Libraries, October 9, 2020.

Alison Macrina. NELA (New England Library Association) keynote. October 27, 2020.


Maty Cropley. "Never Use the Internet Again". Boston Public Library Teen Program.

Callan Bignoli -- Talk title TBD, Reading Public Library Staff Development Day, November 3, 2020)


Ray Pun, Megan Wong and Megan Kinney. ""Privacy Rights and Resources in Libraries: An Online Discussion with BayNet."

Sara Brown and Joshua Stone. Protecting Patron Privacy with Threat Modeling. December 15, 2020, MLA/DLACon20



Josh Stone -- Tours/Privacy Talks with Visitors of the Glass Room Experience (Jointly Hosted by SEFLIN and Florida Atlantic University). Every Thursday From January through February

Rebekah Eppley -- Digital Privacy: What Do You Have to Lose? Training for OPL Dimond Branch employees , January 11th, 2019 in conjunction with Glass Room Experience

Claire Lobdell -- "A harm-reduction approach to digital privacy." January 2019. NEASIS&T Conference, Worcester, MA.

Claire Lobdell -- "What does the internet know about me?: Understanding and combating digital surveillance." January 2019. Forbes Library, Northampton, MA. This was open to the general public at a public library.


Bryan Neil Jones and Megan Adovasio-Jones -- "Everyday Privacy." February 5, 2019. Half-day workshop Falling Water Regional Library staff.

Josh Stone -- "Internet Privacy Primer." February 13, 2019. Half-day workshop for Palm Beach County Library System Staff.


Josh Stone and Sara Brown -- "Internet and Smartphone Privacy Basics." March 12, 2019. SEFLIN Webinar

Claire Lobdell -- "A harm-reduction approach to digital privacy." March 2019. CWMARS Users' Council, West Springfield, MA. Invited talk for library directors.

Claire Lobdell -- "What does the internet know about me?" March 2019. GCC, Greenfield, MA. Two public workshops, one daytime, one evening, held during library privacy week, during which we also hosted the Glass Room Experience.

Kelly McElroy -- “Destroying Data and Technology in Support of Students.” (Invited keynote panelist.) Online Northwest, Portland OR, March 2019.

Alison Macrina and Bryan Neil Jones -- "Library Freedom Institute: A New Hope". LibrePlanet, Cambridge MA, March 23, 2019.


Josh Stone -- "Secure Messaging Apps: Privacy and Digital Communication." April 16, 2019. SEFLIN Webinar

Bryan Neil Jones -- "Privacy is dead. Can I have your password?" April 26, 2019. Presentation at Tennessee Library Association conference. Also used as a TLA staff development webinar.

Josh Stone -- "SEFLIN Privacy Primer." April 30, 2019. Two-hour workshop for The Society of the Four Arts staff.

Kelly McElroy, Claire Lobdell, and Megan Kinney -- “Preaching Digital Privacy at Academic Institutions: How to Raise Awareness and Take Action to Combat Surveillance at your School.” Association of College and Research Libraries Virtual Conference, April 2019. 36% acceptance rate. Downloaded from Scholars Archive 166 times as of July 22, 2019.

Claire Lobdell -- "Information security." April 2019. With Vince Longo. GCC, Greenfield, MA. This was a workshop for college staff about basic information security topics, co-taught with an IT staff member.

Claire Lobdell -- "A harm-reduction approach to digital privacy." April 2019. Simmons University, South Hadley, MA. This was an invited lesson for a Simmons University SLIS public libraries class.

Kelly McElroy -- “Digital Privacy and Security: Teaching Safer Habits.” With Sarah White. Washington Library Association/Oregon Library Association Joint Conference, Vancouver WA, April 2019.


Rebekah Eppley -- Keeping Your Personal Information Safe Online workshop for OPL patrons, May 1, 2019 to Kick off Chose Privacy Week at Dimond Branch

Josh Stone and Sara Brown -- "Privacy is for Everyone." May 2, 2019. Maryland Library Association Conference

Josh Stone -- "Don't Show Your Hand: Online Privacy Made Easy." May 16, 2019. Florida Library Association Conference


Kelly McElroy -- “Building Capacity for Digital Privacy.” With Madison Sullivan. June and August 2019. Two sessions as part of a series sponsored by a $2000 Helmer Professional Development Grant.

Josh Stone -- "Email Encryption and Security." June 18, 2019. SEFLIN Webinar


Josh Stone -- "Tools to Survive the Datapocalypse." July 12, 2019. NEFLIN Technology Conference


Josh Stone -- "Tools to Survive the Datapocalypse." August 1, 2019. SEFLIN Annual Regional Conference

Rebekah Eppley and Andrea Guzman -- Digital Privacy in Uncertain Times: Immigration and Allyship, August 20, 2019: workshop presented in Spanish and English at OPL's Chavez Branch


Josh Stone -- "Tools to Survive the Datapocalypse." September 18, 2019. Workshop for Florida Atlantic University Students (Obviously I fell in love with a title and have been running with it)

Claire Lobdell -- "What does the internet know about me?" September 19, 2019. Workshop at Clinton Public Library, Clinton, MA.

Bryan Neil Jones -- "Privacy for Libraries." September 27, 2019. Preconference for Arkansas Library Association / Southeastern Library Association, Hot Springs, AR.

Jonathan Hernández -- "Programas Colaborativos para defender la Privacidad en Bibliotecas September 7, 2019. Speak at Rancho Electrónico - II Encuentro de Tecnologías Biblio-Editoriales Libres.


Bryan Neil Jones and Tess Wilson -- "Privacy is Precious: Patron Data Rights and Responsibilities." October 2, 2019. Preconference Iowa Library Association / Nebraska Library Association / Nebraska School Library Association Joint Conference.

Megan Shanholtz -- "Batten the Hatches: Privacy and Security in Public Libraries." October 17, 2019. West Virginia Library Association Conference.

Josh Stone -- "Tools to Survive the Datapocalypse." (Retiring this title after this). October 24, 2019. Kentucky Library Association Conference

Claire Lobdell -- "Digital Privacy: The Rewards and Risks of Convenience." October 24, 2019. 2 workshops for visiting high school students as part of Greenfield Community College's STEM Week. Greenfield, MA.

Claire Lobdell -- "Online ad tracking." October 30, 2019. Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, MA. Part of a joint presentation for staff with people from the IT and computer science departments for cybersecurity month.

Kelly McElroy, with Jonathan Cain -- "'I know exactly how many XXXX students are on this campus,'" October 25, 2020. ACRL-Washington Conference.


Lucia Cedeira Serantes -- "Learning About Your Digital Rights in the Digital Age: A hands-on workshop series for older adults" Workshop series as part of a winning grant proposal, TBD November 2019


Sara Brown - "The Changing Landscape of Library Privacy" (discussion facilitation) - MD Tech Connect - Dec. 5


Bryan Neil Jones and Megan Adovasio-Jones -- "Online Privacy Workshop." February 9, 2018. Half-day workshop for Buffalo River Regional Library staff.

Bryan Neil Jones -- Stanch the Data Bleeding." September 28, 2018. Tenn-Share Fall Conference lightning talk.

Claire Lobdell -- "The Ethics of Big Data Panel Discussion." October 2018. With Patricia Condon, Kevin Healey, and Hannah Hamalainen. UNH Manchester Sidore Lecture Series, Manchester, NH. Invited panelist.

Josh Stone -- "Introduction to Passphrases and Passwords" October 9, 2018. SEFLIN Webinar

Kelly McElroy -- “A Harm Reduction Approach: Applying the Library Freedom Institute in Our Work at OSULP.” November 2018. OSU Library Faculty Association Seminar Series.

Kelly McElroy -- “You Can’t Clean Up a Data Spill: Lessons from the Library Freedom Institute.” November 2018. OSU TRIAD, Corvallis, OR. Invited lecture to campus faculty group.

Kelly McElroy -- Student workshop with ASOSU Office of Advocacy peer advocates. This led to the students planning a privacy symposium for Winter 2020.

Bryan Neil Jones -- "PLMI Privacy Training." November 6, 2018. Privacy training for Public Library Management Institute.

Josh Stone -- "Threat Modeling: Understanding Your Risks and Privacy Needs." November 13, 2018. SEFLIN Webinar