LFI Course Materials/Week 18: Social media surveillance

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Week 18: Social media surveillance[edit]

  • Real time lecture: September 20th 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern


In the past few years, civil liberties advocates have uncovered the many ways that police use social media to conduct bulk and targeted surveillance. Their intelligence analysts have the capabilities to monitor content and location data on a variety of platforms, and these capabilities have been used against protected First Amendment activities of groups including Black Lives Matter, as well as disproportionately used to target and prosecute people of color and Muslims through discriminatory keyword searches. Abi Hassen joins us this week to tell us more about how the police use social media and what considerations we should make when advising our patrons about harm reduction.


No readings this week! Please use the time to work on final projects. Drafts are due October 4th.

Guest lecturer[edit]

Abi Hassen is a criminal defense attorney, technologist and co-founder of the Black Movement-Law Project. He was formerly the Mass Defense Coordinator at the National Lawyers Guild and a union and community organizer.


General discussion


  • Discussion forum, small group work, and group work drafts to Alison by October 4th.