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Week 21: Accessible digital privacy[edit]

  • Real time lecture: October 11th 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern


When we teach about privacy, we want to make sure we're teaching in a way that's accessible to everyone. Privacy tools are not always intuitive and might require configuration or more user input. Privacy strategies in general require more from a user than the seamless design built into data-collecting apps. This means that making privacy changes can be a challenge for anyone, but especially those members of our community with accessibility needs or lower digital literacy. What strategies can we employ to make our privacy resources and classes beneficial to all? This week, we'll learn from Soraya Okuda at Electronic Frontier Foundation in an interactive presentation. Soraya manages EFF's Security Education Companion (sec.eff.org).



Guest lecturer[edit]

Soraya Okuda, education and design lead at Electronic Frontier Foundation


  • How can you change your teaching style and strategies to incorporate accessibility and the needs of lower digital literacy patrons?


  • Discussion forum and final projects