LFI Course Materials 2020/Week two

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Week 2: Foundational reading[edit]


We'll begin by getting into some background about what's going on and how we got here. Our focus this week will be on a range of readings...a little bit of the history and politics of Big Data and government surveillance, as well as some of the historical ideas about what a more just internet could look like. We don't have anywhere near the time to go through all of the history here, so we'll just be focusing on some of the bigger issues. Please have the reading completed before our Monday lecture, because we'll spend that lecture talking about what we learned. Later, we'll continue the discussion on libraryfreedom.chat. You'll also review the Data Detox Kit and complete one day of it for your weekly tasks.


All readings for this week are linked on the week one page

Guest lecturer[edit]

No guest this week; Alison will lead the lecture


  • How do you see the surveillant assemblage at work in our lives?
  • What stands out to you about the ideologies that helped shape the internet?