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Week 9: Surveillance and the carceral state[edit]


It's no coincidence that the rise in surveillance technologies over the past 30 years has occurred alongside the increase in mass incarceration and violent policing, especially in Black, poor, and immigrant communities. Thanks to the work of accountability movements, we've learned that police now have access to an unprecedented amount of new surveillance equipment that is often acquired and used without democratic oversight. Police also have new relationships with corporate entities, including Amazon, in a mutually beneficial relationship to acquire and deploy more of these surveillance technologies. We are now seeing these surveillance capabilities deployed against protestors involved in the uprisings for Black Lives. Myaisha Hayes of Media Justice joins us this week to discuss how surveillance is used in policing and what we can do to stop it.


Guest lecturer[edit]

Myaisha Hayes, campaign strategies director at Media Justice




  • Lecture, discussion, and final project work