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Week 7: Communicating about privacy[edit]


One of the most valuable skills you can have as a privacy advocate is the ability to make strong counterarguments to common "anti-privacy" stances, such as "I don't care about my privacy because I have nothing to hide" or "I like the convenience I get from giving up my privacy". In many of my public talks, I have had at least one "devil's advocate" (who really seem like true believers) show up and ask me "what about" this or that reason why people shouldn't have privacy. Learning how to stand up to these arguments and redirect the conversation to why privacy matters has been really central to my success. This week, we're going to examine some of those common "anti" arguments and work together to formulate responses to them. We'll also talk about how and why these arguments have become so pervasive.


No readings this week. Post anti-privacy arguments you've heard in this thread: https://libraryfreedom.chat/t/lfi-4-week-7-discussion-on-privacy-talking-points/723

Guest lecturer[edit]

No guest this week; Alison will lead the lecture




  • Lecture, discussion forum, and final project work.