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Week 8: The Global Power of Big Tech Companies[edit]


list of big tech companies eg palantir; mckinsey data use//covid; tech worker organizing against sexual harassment; privacy as consent, abuse of big tech founders


https://techcrunch.com/2020/06/05/uks-covid-19-health-data-contracts-with-google-and-palantir-finally-emerge/ April Glaser readings

How Amazon automatically tracks and fires warehouse workers for ‘productivity’ When the real threat is worker surveillance, not the robot apocalypse The inequalities of workplace surveillance Coronavirus is a labor crisis, and a general strike may be next Workplace monitoring and surveillance (optional long read)

Should you buy an Amazon Ring doorbell? https://www.aclu.org/blog/privacy-technology/surveillance-technologies/should-you-buy-ring-doorbell-camera Amazon Ring's police partnerships https://www.mic.com/p/amazon-rings-police-partnerships-the-focus-of-open-letter-from-36-civil-rights-groups-19197774 Amazon's Ring planned neighborhood watchlists based on facial recognition: https://theintercept.com/2019/11/26/amazon-ring-home-security-facial-recognition/ Ring's hidden data let us map Amazon's sprawling home surveillance network: https://gizmodo.com/ring-s-hidden-data-let-us-map-amazons-sprawling-home-su-1840312279 Leaked pics from Amazon Ring show potential new surveillance features https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/04/ring-cameras-may-someday-scan-license-plates-and-faces-leak-shows/

Why Facebook’s Latest Ban of Alex Jones Was So Underwhelming by April Glaser Another 540 Million Facebook Users Data Has Been Exposed by April Glaser 15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook Regulators Around the World Are Circling Facebook YouTube’s Search Results for “Abortion” Show Exactly What Anti-Abortion Activists Want Women to See by April Glaser Facebook while black: Users call it getting 'Zucked,' say talking about racism is censored as hate speech Facebook Can't Clean Up Its Data Spill by April Glaser Alex Jones Gets To Declare The Real Info War Now by April Glaser It’s Not Enough to Fine Facebook. The Feds Should Fine Mark Zuckerberg. by April Glaser

  • tech and gentrification

Guest lecturer[edit]

Rob Larson, author of Bit Tyrants: The Political Economy of Silicon Valley