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Week 3: Transformative environments for teaching and learning[edit]


Privacy can be a challenging topic to teach. Some people can come to this topic with a lot of underlying assumptions, eg. "privacy is dead" or "only bad people want privacy". Others will arrive at your library privacy program having experienced something traumatic, like identity theft or online harassment, or with questions they might feel unsafe or awkward asking in front of others. Furthermore, we want our teaching spaces to both help individual learners improve their privacy, while also naming and challenging the oppressive systems that are responsible for the privacy crisis we find ourselves in today. This week's session will be all about creating those transformative teaching and learning spaces; supportive, open, non-judgmental environments which can increase people's capacities to be agents of change in their own lives and in the world. We'll also hear from one of our LFP members, Ash Gohr, who will share their experiences creating transformative teaching spaces in an academic/info literacy context.

We will also welcome the crash course participants who completed the Systems & Policies course, and will be joining us for the rest of our time together!


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