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Week 9: Police surveillance and social media[edit]


The rise in surveillance technologies over the past 30 years has occurred alongside the increase in mass incarceration and violent policing, especially in Black, poor, and immigrant communities. Thanks to the work of accountability movements, we've learned that police now have access to an unprecedented amount of new surveillance equipment that is often acquired and used without democratic oversight, and with little to no regulation. Police also have new relationships with corporate entities, like Amazon, in mutually beneficial relationships to acquire and deploy more of these surveillance technologies. During the 2020 uprisings for Black lives, we saw many of these capabilities used against protestors in the streets. This week, we'll discuss the landscape of police surveillance and what it means for directly impacted people in our communities. We'll also talk about how the police use social media, as well as other issues with social media and privacy.




  • Lecture, readings, discussion forum