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Week 5: Talking about privacy[edit]


As we try to shift to a privacy-centric culture in our libraries, it's vital that we build relationships with stakeholders like IT and administration to adopt privacy best practices. But the first step is learning the right kind of language to use to make convincing pro-privacy arguments. Part of making the case for privacy involves putting it in terms that the stakeholder cares about, for example, admin tends to respond well to ideas that fit within strategic planning directives; IT tends to be more in favor of making library infrastructures secure. We'll talk about different strategies that can be effective in convincing different stakeholder groups, helping them understand why privacy is so important, and why libraries are the right places to focus on privacy. We'll also cover common anti-privacy arguments and ways to counter them.


No readings this week, instead, contribute to this thread:



  • Lecture,discussion forum, and final project work