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2021 LFI cohorts 3 and 4 meeting[edit]

Please read and abide by our community documents[edit]
Code of Conduct[edit]
Community Agreements[edit]

To be decided together


Calvary United Methodist Church, 801 48th Street, on the southeast corner of 48th Street & Baltimore Avenue


Sheraton Philadelphia University City Hotel 3549 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (room assignments to come)

Weekend details at a glance[edit]

| August 6 | everyone arrives | social stuff in the evening (ideas to come) | | August 7 | 10-4 at Calvary | possible group dinner, details to come; social stuff | | August 8 | 10-3 at Calvary | most people leaving in the evening |

(accessibility, food info, reimbursement reminder, etc goes here)

Agenda and ideas[edit]
Things to know before your arrival in Philly[edit]
Transit from airport[edit]
Transit locally (incl bikes)[edit]
Things to do in West Philly[edit]
Things to do in the rest of Philly (and beyond??)[edit]
Other local resources[edit]
About West Philly[edit]

Add yourself to this table if you want folks to know you're coming!

Name Pronouns Location Cohort Library

Alison she/her Philly
Shelley They/them -or- She/her Philly 4 Free Library of Philadelphia
Mack he/him Atlanta 3 TBA...
Kimberly she/her/y'all NYC 4 Columbia University Libraries
Holly she/her Oregon 3 Jackson County Library Services
Michelle she/her DMV 4 Alexandria Library
Megan She/Her Bay Area, CA Burlingame Public Library
Ideas for outings/things to do together[edit]

alison todo -nametags -lanyards -swag stockup