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Teaching Resources[edit]

Some of these are resources created by members of Library Freedom Project, and some are trusted resources from around the privacy community. All of them will help you teach others about protecting their privacy.

Setting up a teaching environment[edit]

Community agreements[edit]

Community agreements help create a space where everyone feels comfortable learning and teaching. Here are the community agreements we use at Library Freedom Project.

  • One Mic - Don’t talk over folks.
  • Step up/step back - If you’re usually loud, consider listening. If you’re usually quiet, consider speaking more!
  • Oops/ouch - If you make a mistake or say something bad, it’s OK. Acknowledge the error, think about it, and move forward. We all make mistakes, but we only learn when we give feedback. As a corollary, if someone does something that hurts your feelings or is problematic/rude/etc., let them know immediately so they can apologize and learn. Don’t let something fester.
  • Try it on - You may think you have a strong reaction and fixed position, so try to push yourself to consider someone else’s perspective.
  • Make commitments - Don’t let something sit in the ether. If you propose to do something, bottom line it.
  • Land the plane - Have a point and make it.

General and multi-purpose teaching resources[edit]



Mobile privacy[edit]


Talking points[edit]

"If you have nothing to hide, you are nothing." - Shoshana Zuboff

Threat modeling[edit]

Everyone has a different set of reasons for needing privacy. Threat modeling is a method of figuring out what tools and strategies are right for you and your situation. Below are some resources to help you learn about and teach threat modeling.

Download links to tools[edit]

These are trusted links to download some of our favorite privacy tools.

Password managers and 2fa tools[edit]

Web browsers and search engines[edit]


Texting and calling[edit]


Third-party tracker blocking[edit]

Implementing HTTPS[edit]

Other teaching activities[edit]

Other presentation resources[edit]

These are materials to help make create your own privacy presentations.