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TENS therapy seems to work well for Joint FLX Review some patients and is less effective for others and it varies between treatments. If you are considering TENS therapy we strongly suggest you consult with your doctor before starting any treatment. TENS is not suitable for some conditions, and it is best administered by a professional who can talk you through aspects such as TENS pad placement and the various programs and ways that a TENS machine can be used.

Transcutaneous (through the skin) electronic nerve stimulation is a drug-free analgesic technique which represents a valuable addition to pain management. TENS is mainly used for blocking and treating chronic and acute pain. Treatment with TENS consists of passing a weak electric current via electrodes through the skin into the nerve fibers that lie beneath. The source of electricity is usually a 9 volt battery.

How Does TENS work? The exact mechanism for TENS is not known, but some scientists believe the electrical pulses emitted by TENS, blocks or over-ride the pain messages traveling to the brain. Other scientists believe the electrical impulses trigger the release of the body's natural pain-relieving opiates called endorphins and enkephalins. Some of these substances, isolated, have been found to be 200 times stronger than morphine.