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Week 5: Working with IT to protect privacy, understanding cybersecurity basics


As we try to shift to a privacy-centric culture in our libraries, it's vital that we build relationships with stakeholders like IT and administration to adopt privacy best practices. This week, we'll hear from Becky Yoose, Library Data Privacy Consultant at LDH consulting, on how to leverage relationships to get the support and resources for making privacy happen at your library. Becky will present on this topic, then address questions and experiences from our "working with IT/admin" thread on the messageboard.


No readings this week. Contribute to this thread instead:

Guest lecturer

Becky Yoose, LDH Consulting Services




  • Lecture, readings, discussion forum, and final project work
	Working with IT to protect patron privacy, cybersecurity basics

Understanding some of the IT environments possible, talking points for different things people say, things IT people typically bring up